Life is Beautiful

I have never been big about celebrating my birthday- well, past the age of 12, maybe. I felt like it was unnecessarily drawing attention to myself. I felt guilty for making any sort of fuss about it. But this year? I'm CELEBRATING! In fact, I plan to celebrate every year after that too. God has... Continue Reading →

6 Months Later

I was visiting with a friend on the patio of a local coffee shop, when suddenly a piercing loud noise stopped my train of thought. It was noon on a Saturday, the time each week when Oklahoma City tests all the tornado sirens. We looked up and the siren was across the street from us.... Continue Reading →

Love, Levi

Dear Mama, When I was born, I couldn't see very well. But you held me on your chest and kept me warm. I loved the sound of your heartbeat. You went away for a little while after this, but Daddy kept me safe and warm. A few things happened while you were away. They took... Continue Reading →

This article was first published on Radiant Magazine. You can read my article by clicking here. Before Levi was born and then some after while still in the hospital, Avery and I would binge-watch Survivor. On the show, contestants all have the goal to be the remaining survivor on the island. They are stretched to... Continue Reading →

It Just Means More

In November 2021, for the first time since 2014, Oklahoma State (my Alma Mater) won Bedlam. Last time they won, I sat in the student section as a college sophomore. This year, I watched on TV in my parents' den with my family. After this year's win, the Oklahoma State Cowboy Football account posted to... Continue Reading →

All Things New

I almost died. That's still weird for me to say. I almost died, three times to be exact. That night, as I came to realize my life was in grave danger, I began to pray. I begged God for my life. Although I wasn't afraid to die like I always thought I might be. In... Continue Reading →

Stranded in Chicago O’Hare

This is a reflection that involves a first date, a funeral, and a seven hour delay in the Chicago O'Hare airport. It was December 2017. I had just ended my first semester of online classes and an apprenticeship with Notre Dame in Knoxville, Tennessee. I had been out running errands one chilly Saturday afternoon when... Continue Reading →

3.7 in a 1,000,000 Rare

“Jesus, you are the Divine Physician. Let the Precious Blood that pours from your Sacred Heart seep into all our open wounds so that we may become partakers in your divine nature. As your blood mingles with ours and runs through our veins, our bodies, and our very lives, let it cleanse, restore, protect, and... Continue Reading →

The Night Our Lives Changed Forever

TW: Birth Trauma, Blood Loss, Sudden Infertility The Birth We came in for the scheduled induction at midnight on September 22nd. I slept just a little bit that night. The painful contractions really didn't begin until the sun came up. My doctor had told us typically first-time mom inductions take about 24 hours, and she... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

My name is Kasey, and welcome to my blog. I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, Avery. Most of the images I will use here were taken by him or myself, but mostly him. He is a photographer and a darn good one! Click here to see more of... Continue Reading →

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